Planetside 2 six month Roadmap released.

Planetside 2 six month Roadmap released.

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Matt Higby's explanation of the Roadmap and a C&P of basically the headers of each item in the PS2 Roadmap.
Roadmap is a tool which allows the development team to expose its priorities and future plans and release schedules to its player community.
This is just the first six months plan of feature additions, it is not the be all and end all of what will go into the game, think of it as "top requests". ... lan.83788/
Matthew Higby wrote:Hello all -

Since the very earliest days of Planetside 2's development we've considered community involvement and feedback about the game's direction to be one of our most powerful and important assets. Having "Unparalleled community / developer communication" has been an important goal for us, one that is considered to be a core feature of the game, a top "bullet point" on the list of game features on the back of our imaginary box. On Planetside 2 we've been extremely fortunate to have a passionate and vocal player community from very early on in development; our community has shared feedback, complaints, ideas and kudos with us from long before they even had their hands on the game. Today we are thrilled to be taking that community enthusiasm for the ongoing development of Planetside 2 to a whole new level with the launch of Roadmap.

Roadmap is the embodiment of a new philosophy for the development of online games and the interaction of developers and players. At it's most basic level, Roadmap is a tool which allows the development team to expose our priorities and future plans and release schedules to our player community. This in itself is already remarkable, but the true power of roadmap comes from you, the player community. The purpose of Roadmap isn't just to give the community INSIGHT about what we're doing, it's also to give the community INPUT into what we're doing. Our goal is to develop Roadmap into a central clearing house for ideas and suggestions about the game. These ideas and suggestions will come from you, the players; you will be able to author, discuss, vote on, and ultimately see your own ideas come to fruition in the game.

As both passionate players as well as developers of games we too have felt the frustration that the development priorities and future plans for our favorite games are often obfuscated and can seem deaf to the desires of the players. We've determined that our role as developers is not to be the sole source of all ideas which go into the game, but rather to be curators who ensure that the ideas that do go into the game are taking it in the right direction. You, as players, should have just as much ability to define the future of the games you love and support as the developers making them have. This is the driving force behind the creation of Roadmap.

Put simply our vision is to change the rules of game development and find a new balance where the player community and development team form a true partnership to define the path which the game will follow. Today with the initial launch of Roadmap populated with our first 6-months of feature additions, we're taking the first step on a long journey to make this vision a reality. The 6 month plan we’re releasing today is largely based on top requests that have come from the player community since launch (and in some cases even before that!). This isn't absolutely everything that will go into the game in the next 6 months, optimizations, bug fixes, new weapons will come too, this is a listing of major additions and top level features. Some of my personal highlights in these first few months are the additions of a better player intro sequence and tutorial in February and March, the Mission System in March, a resource redesign in May & outfit enhancements in June. Beyond game systems we also have new content including a new continent, Hossin scheduled for release in April and new empire specific buggies in June. We also have some exciting class and vehicle updates spread throughout the schedule which will feature new class-specific mechanics, abilities and weapons.

It's important to understand that like all plans, things may not always go precisely according to schedule and it is by no means a guarantee of what or when. Releases will change and be adjusted constantly, as you would expect since an important facet of Roadmap is remaining flexible enough to prioritize the things that you tell us should be getting addressed immediately. We know that there will be some growing pains here. We know this will initially be bumpy and may require some trial and error as we bring all of the features and functionality of Roadmap online and work through some issues that arise from embarking on this radical new approach to development. Despite that, we hope you're as excited at the possibilities as we are, and look forward to working with you, as partners, on the continuing work of forging the future of online games.

Please check out Roadmap and the first 6 months of major updates at


Matthew Higby
Creative Director - Planetside 2 ... lan.83788/

January - SMGs

We want to add a new weapon type, the Submachine Gun (SMG), to the game. The current plan is to make them accessible to all classes outside of the MAX Stats on the individual weapons will vary...

January - Rendering Distance Based on Threat

We want to mitigate the impact of render distance on enemies that are a direct threat. For example, anyone that pilots air vehicles can probably attest to how lame it is to get shot down by AA players...

January - Spawn Room Tunnel System

In our ongoing effort to mitigate spawn camping, we're planning on adding some spawn room tunnel networks to provide additional escape paths. The current plan is to add these to all Tech Plants and...

January - Window Plugs

We are making windows all across Auraxis’ bases and facilities smaller, so it should be tougher for tanks and planes to shoot into buildings.

January - Tower Redesign

The layout of towers will be altered to include more shields and an additional exit from the spawn room. The hope is to make spawn camping in the towers a more difficult proposition.

January - More secure spawn rooms at small outposts

This entails adding more windows and doors, as well as a canopy to protect against aircraft. This should make spawn camping more difficult and will be present across all small outposts.

January - Destroying the SCU only penalizes Spawn Timers

Currently, destroying an Spawn Control Unit (SCU) completely removes that Spawn point from the facility until it is repaired. Unfortunately this can have the effect of ending a fight too quickly and...

January - Creating "No Deploy" zones for AMS equipped Sunderers

We are currently discussing mechanics which would allow designers to designate areas within a base or facility that Sunderers cannot deploy in. The initial use of this ability will be to disallow...

January - Defender Only Jump Pads

In an effort to help support general defense at facilities, we’re exploring the idea of having jump pads which allow players to quickly traverse the walls only be usable by the Empire in control of...

January - Player Invincibility on Spawn

Getting killed right as you spawn in is not fun. One of the things we can do to try and reduce frustration on that front is add a very brief period of invulnerability to a player in that situation....

January - Experience Source Display Improvements

We want to display the total Experience bonus percentage rewarded whenever you get the applicable experience. Currently this would show as a small popup next to your Cert point display right above the...

January - Experience Incentives

The idea behind this Incentive system is that higher “priority” targets are worth more experience than others. So killing someone on a wicked kill streak nets you more XP than killing someone...

February - Empire Specific Rocket Launchers

We would like to add Empire-specific rocket launchers, including things like player guided rockets, multiple lock-on swarm missiles, and a charge fire mode into the mix.

February - Vehicle Update: Flash

We want to add new abilities and weapons to the Flash. Current ideas include: Adding additional weapon types Wraith (cloaking the quad) option for infiltrators We're still brainstorming, so call out...

February - Pump Action Shotguns

We would like to add a new weapon type, the Pump Action Shotgun. These shotguns fill a similar role to the existing semi-auto’s already in game, but trade rate of fire for increased damage.

February - VR Training Area

Learning how to play the game under live fire conditions can be pretty daunting. To help address this, we’re planning on adding in a VR Training zone that will be a safe haven for players to try out...

February - Orbital Strike

Orbital Strikes are intended to help push enemy players out of an area by turning that area into a series of large explosions. Players should have enough warning time to potentially escape the area,...

February - Spectator Mode

We would like to add Spectator Mode for live gameplay observation.

February - Regional Empire Priority System

The intent for this system is to allow the game to set "priority level" for regions based on what activities are taking place there. These areas would come with score/XP bonuses to encourage fights in...

February - Loadout Screen Revamp

We want to take a pass at cleaning up and enhancing the Loadout screen. Specifics are still pending, but the goal is to make common actions more convenient. For example: Changing tints on your...

February - Community Grief Reporting

We're investigating ways to improve the reporting tools available to the PlanetSide 2 community at large to help identify and call out hackers and other griefers. This would include things like being...

February - Daily Medals/Achievements

We'd like to add in daily achievements/medals for weapons and tools which could include things like: "Kill 10 enemies with the CARV" or "Revive 10 allies with Revive Grenades" would net Experience or...

February - Account Level Unlocks

We would like items purchased with Station Cash to be unlocked across all characters on the account who can utilize them. This change would be retroactive to prior purchases.

February - Increase the number of vehicle cosmetic slots

We offer a bunch of sweet cosmetic customizations for vehicles, but we only let you equip them one at a time. We'd like to add additional slots that will let you equip multiple customizations on your...

February - Separate Score from Experience

At the moment experience and score are tied too closely together, so if you buff your experience, you end up buffing your score as well. That’s misleading and not really fulfilling the intention for...

February - Improved Item Preview

We want to add the ability to preview an item on the player’s current Loadout for their class/vehicle so everyone can get a better idea of what it's really going to look like in context. This...

March - MAX Flamethrowers

A new weapon type for MAX suits, the Flamethrower will be designed to inflict sustained damage against soft targets.

March - Continent Locking

In order to start laying the foundation for a proper metagame, we've been putting a lot of thought into continent locking. There are a lot of little snags and details still to work out, but the basic...

March - Tutorial

We would like to improve and expand the in-game tutorial by adding guided interactive training elements to VR training zone. Current plans include tutorials for: Basic Intro Classes and Certifications...

March - Cert Screen Revamp

We would like to polish and streamline the certification screen currently in game, making it more efficient and intuitive.

March - Improved Map and Respawn

To improve the respawn process, we would like to essentially merge the map screen and the respawn screen so you’ll have access to better and more relevant information when deciding where you want to...

March - Player Generated Missions

PlanetSide 2 has always embraced the idea that the core game content is totally player driven, so the mission system just takes that idea a little further. We want to give players (with appropriate...

March - Color Blind Support

We would like to put control of the UI color schemes into the hands of the player, allowing each user to set up colors that they find useful individually across key elements throughout the game.

March - Ragdoll Physics

Ragdoll physics would make every explosion a potentially amazing scene of amusement and spectacle. As Planetside 2 has a large output of explosions, this seems like it would would make for a fun...

March - Class Revamp: Light Assault

We would like to polish and enhance the Light Assault class We’ll investigate the possible additions of new tools, new abilities, and new suit options We want to add the ability for the Light...

March - Convenience Items

There are a handful of items we'd like to add to the Depot that will allow players to accomplish some commonly requested actions through an SC purchase: Certification Reset Name Change Server Transfer...

March - Implants

Implants would utilize a new loadout slot and provide special bonuses that allow you to further tailor your class to the way you want to play. Example implants might include stuff like: Silent running...

April - Common Pool Heavy Pistols

We're planning on adding a new pistol type to the common pool of weapons that specialize in hitting hard. As common pool weapons, they will be available to all factions. In exchange for their high...

April - Vehicle Update: Sunderer

We want to give a little love to the Sunderer. Early ideas include: Add more weapon types Add additional squad spawn certs For example, allowing you to ignore deployed Sunderer radii We're still...

April - Interlink Facility

The Interlink facility is a brand new base type on the scale of the Biolabs, Tech Plants, and Amp Stations. It includes a giant radar dish that will offer great cover from aircraft and has difficult...

April - New Continent: Hossin

Adding a brand new continent: Hossin! Hossin is a swamp covered continent. Bask in the glow of some sweet concept art. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

April - Outfit Recruiting

Rolling with an outfit in PlanetSide 2 is really making the most of what the game has to offer in a myriad of different ways, so we want to make the process of finding an outfit and finding new...

April - Facebook/Twitter Integration

We'd like to improve the social networking features in game, specifically by leveraging Facebook and Twitter. For Facebook, we'd like to add support for: Linking an account to your character Post from...

April - Empire Specific Run Animations

We'd like to add some variance and Empire-specific feel to the player run animations.

April - Gifting

We plan on adding support for gifting items to other players.

April - In-game Mail

We want to add an in-game mail system to help on the communication front, likely contained somewhere in the existing notification screen.

May - Resource Revamp

The primary goal for re-addressing the resource system is to make sure it does a better job making resources drive the combat taking place, make sure they have real strategic value, and generally have...

May - Voice Packs

Right now we only have two player voices per faction (male/female). We’d like to start supplying different voice packs that you can use to change the voice of your character to help add more...

May - Taunts

We want to add the ability to display a taunt on your target’s killscreen and play a taunt animation on demand with your avatar. Ideally we might want the ability to customize a killscreen that...

May - Class Revamp: MAX

We want to improve and polish the MAX class. As part of the improvements, we would like to add in unique abilities per faction: TR: Lockdown At the expense of losing mobility, the TR max can shift...

June - New Vehicle: Buggy

Adding a new common pool vehicle, the buggy. These are four-person vehicles designed to provide smaller units of soldiers an appropriate means of transport. The breakdown of seating looks like this:...

June - Faction Pistols

Adding new pistols for each Empire: TR: Auto-Pistol – A fully automatic pistol. NC: Scatter Pistol – A shotgun and a pistol had a baby. VS: Charge Pistol – A pistol with a charge up mechanic;...

June - Per Seat Vehicle Locking

Adding the ability to lock vehicles at the individual seat level instead of the all or nothing options currently available.

June - Improved Vehicle Deconstruction

We’re still working out specifics, but the general idea is that when you manually deconstruct a vehicle, you’ll get back a portion of the resources you spent to acquire it.

June - Air Vehicle Passenger Transport

In an effort to streamline the loading of air vehicles we're interested in exploring support for allowing players to teleport directly into an open seat. The hope is that this would alleviate issues...

June - Vehicle Zoning

We would like to allow vehicles to travel between continents by entering the Warpgate beam in each Empire's Warpgate area, instead of forcing players to abandon their vehicles

June - Outfit Base Capture

If your outfit is the top contributor to a base capture, we’ll identify the facility/outpost as “belonging” to your outfit. We still have a lot of work that we’ll need to iron out on this,...

June - Outfit Leaderboards

Our goal for Outfit Leaderboards is to allow players to compare their Outfit to another via pre-determined scoring metrics (that we are still in the process of determining). Now when you brag about.

June - Outfit Progression

We'd like to add growth and progression to Outfits. One of the ideas we have for doing this is to allow players to contribute points to their Outfit by earning experience, and when enough points are.

June - Outfit Tournaments

We would like to create a structure for direct outfit competition to be used for tournaments and e-sports. Outfits will be compared to other like-sized outfits in leaderboards which can be thought of.

June - Supply Containers

Supply Containers are locked boxes that hold somethingrandomish and potentially spectacular inside. In theory, you would then ask yourself: WHAT"S IN THE BOX?! Unable to not know what splendor might.

June - Player Made Decals

Wouldn't it be cool to roll around sporting your outfit’s custom logo on all outfits and vehicles? We think so too, so we want to give players the ability to make their own decals for use in game.
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