BF3 Assignments

BF3 Assignments

Postby dirtYbird » Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:08 am

10 all-new Assignments extend the persistence to be released with the Back to Karkland xpac.

The Back to Karkand expansion pack is much more than just maps. We are also adding a new layer of persistence in the form of ten Assignments. These will be tracked no matter if you play a base game map or expansion pack map, and add a new way to unlock things in the game.

The example given is Let It Rain, to complete this assignment you will need to get 20 kills with a LMG and two Mortar kills (guess that wont be disappearing in the patch!) in order to unlock the QBB-95 LMG and a new set of dog tags.
these assignments lead on to new assignments as well. ... eplay.aspx
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