AE Administrative Issues

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AE Administrative Issues

Postby RaVPup » Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:24 pm

Hello there!

Can one of the boys, (Serris, Emp, db) get in touch with me, either by email or by phone? There are a few things I was hoping we could sort out, regarding the site, web servers and so forth. I am in touch with Prince and Emp on Facebook, and looking to engage with the other founding members to secure our online accounts. Contact details provided below -

Cell (Australia): +61405442010 (SMS, or leave a voicemail if unanswered)
Facebook: Shamoz Shah

If you are trying to make contact by phone, please quote your name or handle if it redirects to voicemail. If contacting by email, please use an account that is fairly secure, since password and account details may change hands.

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